How to take care of your tyres

During the cold winter months, it is imperative that you check your tyres regularly. Your tyres do a lot of work, therefore its vital to keep them good working order. Here are a few tips on how to to take care of your tyres!

Keeping an eye on your tyre pressure and checking them before setting off is essential before making a journey. If necessary, you can adjust them by re-inflating or deflating the tyre to the recommended settings. If you suspect anything in the tread , the recommended thing to do is check the tyre pressures.

We also recommend a weekly, or twice a week check to identify potential problems.By checking your tyres frequently it keeps other road users safe, and more importantly yourself safe from potential accidents.

We recommend that you have an Air Compressor stored at home, to allow you to check your tyre pressures frequently, to ensure a safe driving experience.